Say hello to Rob Lowe – no, not that Rob Lowe! Led by dynamic combinations of line, colour and simplicity, Rob’s practice encompasses typeface design, paintings, prints, sculpture, tiles, t-shirts and books, which he publishes as Mono No Aware.

He's in great demand, and when he's not busy with commissions – or giving thoroughly entertaining talks to willing listeners around the British Isles and beyond – he's busy developing his bold and effervescent visual language. We've enjoyed watching Rob's work evolve from organic forms into harder edged compositions with punchy colour combos and patterns; his work often radiates a kind of ordered, psychedelic charm. He's got a great eye for colour and his compositional nous knows no bounds, so when he accepted our invitation to sell exclusive limited editions via Look Up, we were – in a word – ecstatic. We were even more delighted when he began sharing his ideas, which represent yet another fork in the road on his creative journey. Incidentally, Supermundane means the opposite of what you might expect… It roughly translates as 'above the world', and we think that’s about right for an artist whose work continues to lift our spirits.

Interview – Look Up blog